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Company Profile
V-EnerTek’s business started in 1997 in India as Vaigunth Ener Tek (P) Ltd. The business was originally based on a unique, Twisted and Aero Dynamic wind turbine System, Solar Thermal Electric Systems and these are all developed by Vaigunth Ener Tek (P) Ltd (V-EnerTek) and registered in India.
V-EnerTek’s headquartered in Chennai, TamilNadu. The factory located at Kanyakumari is responsible for manufacturing, research and development, field engineering after sales service and technical training etc. By adopting quality manufacturing methodologies, the company is able to meet the ever increasing and changing demands from the market place.Vaigunth’s technical strengths are backed by a strong Sales and Marketing team that understands customer needs and delivers to full customer’s satisfaction. Since 1998, Vaigunth installed many stand-alone remote area power systems in different parts of the world.
Board Members
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Chairman & Managing Director
Vice president
J.Packia Selvi
Executive Director
M.Retna Pandian
General Manager
H.Sathya Bhama
Finance & IT Head
S.Jagatheesa Perumal
Factory Manager

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