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Gasification Unit (SWM / MSWM)
Solid Waste Management (SWM) is an organized process of storage, collection, transportation, processing and disposal of solid refuse residuals in an engineered sanitary landfill. It is an integrated process comprising several collection methods, varied transportation equipments, storage, recovery mechanisms for recyclable material, reduction of waste volume and quantity by methods such as composting, waste-to-power and disposal in a designated engineered sanitary land fill.
The Implementation of Municipal solid Waste Management (MSWM) is an important component of any Government.
The Present project is 60 ton /day MSWM system for UAE government using Hydrogen gas technology.
Gasification Unit Technical Specifications                                    Photo Gallery
  • Normal Testing
    Moisture ASTM D5231 % 21 16
    Ash Content ASTM D5231 % 28 29.3
    Total Volatile Content (LOI) ASTM D5231 % 31.2 31.8
    Total Organic Carbon (TOC) ASTM D5231 % 19.8 22.9
    Phosphorus ASTM D5231 % 1 0.9
    Phosphorus ASTM D5231 % 1 0.9
    Sulphur ASTM D5231 % 0.9 1
    Chloride ASTM D5231 % 0.08 0.08
    Calorific Value ASTM D5231 K. cal/kg 1360 1280
    Iron (Fe) ASTM D5231 mg/kg 1.22 1.86
    Arsenic (As) ASTM D5231 mg/kg < 0.1 < 0.1
    Sellenium (Se) ASTM D5231 mg/kg < 0.1 < 0.1
    Sellenium (Se) ASTM D5231 mg/kg < 0.1 < 0.1
    Nickel (Ni) ASTM D5231 mg/kg 1 1
    Zinc (Zn) ASTM D5231 mg/kg 31 28
    Cadmium (Cd) ASTM D5231 mg/kg 2 1
    Copper (Cu) ASTM D5231 mg/kg 15 12
    Chromium (Cr) ASTM D5231 mg/kg 2 2
    Lead (Pb) ASTM D5231 mg/kg 2 2
    Mercury (Hg) ASTM D5231 mg/kg < 0.1 < 0.1
    Product HydrogenGenerator
  • Customer Scope
    Land 1.5 acres
    Building 1500 M2
    Foundations for all machineries
    Shaded compost yard This can be discussed after site visit
    Earth moving equipments 1 lot
    Water source to supply 20,000 lit/day
    Workers amenities as per regional specification
    All material transport to site.
    200 KW power supply with all electrical utilities.
    Waste solid disposal arrangement.
    Other infra structure as per local requirement
  • OutPut
    1 Syngas production - 25 000 M3 per Hr
    2 Syngas Calorific value - 2200 K cal Per M3 (9,196 KJ Per M3)
    3 Cooling tower water consumption - 850 Liter per Hr
    4 Water condensed from the Gasified - 500 Liter per Hr
    5 Grease (Burnable Tar) production - 100 Kg per Hr
    6 Burnable Bio Oil production - 100 Liter per Hr
    7 Electricity consumption - 120 KWH
    Total solid waste feeding per day - 240 Ton
    Electricity consumption per day - 2880 KWH (Units)
    Total Syngas production per day - 600,000M3 (Equal to 72,000 Kg LPG Gas)
    Burnable bio oil production per day - 2400 Liter
    Burnable Grease (Tar) per day - 2400 Kg
    Ash collection per day - 28,800 Kg
    From the above results we can generate minimum – 6000 KW Electricity
  • Assumptions
    a) This plant is proposed to utilize purely the municipal solid wastes (MSW) only.
    b) Capacity of the plant is to convert 10 tons per hour wet municipal solid waste.
    c) The MSW should be compressed to remove water before reaching the site because there is no waste water treatment facility planned in the project site.
    d) The hazardous biological, medical and chemical wastes should be segregated before loading to the vehicle.
    e) The construction/demolition wastes should be transported and disposed separately (this is not included in the scope of this project).
    f) The sizable woody plant pruning wastes should be segregated at the site before feeding to the dryer. It should be chipped/shredded separately before feeding to the dryer.
    g) The wastes considered in this process are plastics, organics and inorganic with less than 20% Average moisture content.
    h) The second stage of Ash melting plant will taken care of melt the glass, other hard material like Aluminum, steels and other mineral until the molten stage.
    i) The ash melting plant will be heat by Hydrogen on demand
    j) Burnable gas will be separate from the Syngas
  • Process Flow
  • Gasification Unit - Gallery HydrogenGenerator4

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